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Coord Mashup

Coord Mashup is a new series where each month I randomly pick two themes submitted by you and we all have a couple of weeks to make a coordinate with these.


Then you send me the photo and I will showcase them all in the following month video where I will also draw two new theme for the month after, and so on!

Click on the empty frame to download the image below in full size and add your photos and information to it. Then upload it with the form at the bottom.

Have fun and be creative! I can't wait to see your coord.



Upload the frame with your coord here

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I am debuting a new series where I try to reproduce characters in lolita. It could be characters from movies, TV shows, video games or even famous people.

Here's a list of upcoming characters that I will do and a deadline to send your version to be included my character video.

If you missed a deadline and still want to do an older character, feel free to still send it, I might add them to a future video.

Marilyn Monroe (Blonde Netflix) - 26th September 2022
Winifred (Hocus Pocus) - 24th October 2022

Eleanor, school uniform (Do Revenge) - 3rd November 2022
Giselle, curtain dress (Enchanted) - 17th November 2022

Daisy Duck (Disney)
Rosalina (Mario)

Ariel (Disney)

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Upload the frame with your coord here
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